Korean Style Chicken Satay Dakkochi Recipe Can Be Used As a Sales Idea

Dakkochi is a Korean dish consisting of pieces of chicken skewered on bamboo or metal skewers, then grilled or fried. These satays are then served with a typical Korean sauce which is usually sweet and spicy. Dakkochi is often sold on the streets or in small restaurants in Korea and is a popular snack. This dish creates a unique combination of savory, sweet and spicy flavors from Korean spices and sauces.


300 g chicken thighs (cut into pieces according to taste)

• 1 tsp salt

• 1 tsp ground black pepper

• 1 tsp lime

• 2 spring onions, cut into approximately 5 cm pieces

• Skewer (30cm)


• 2 tbsp tomato sauce

• 1 clove garlic (finely chopped)

• 2 tbsp gochujang

• 2 tbsp honey

• 2 tbsp soy sauce

• 1 tbsp sesame oil

• 1 tbsp chili powder

How to make

- Marinate the chopped chicken with pepper, salt and lime. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.

- Mix the sauce ingredients,

- Skewer and alternate with spring onions.

- Bake briefly in the pan until it changes color or is half cooked.

- Then spread with sauce.

- Bake again until cooked.

- Serve

That's the recipe and how to make dakkochi. Good luck..