Gendar Pecel Recipe, a Rarely Found Traditional Rice Food

Pecel generally consists of vegetables such as genjer, turi flowers, long beans, spinach, cabbage, purslane, kecombrang, chinese petai, bean sprouts and boiled mustard greens. Meanwhile, gendar is a type of lontong, made from rice that is cooked until half cooked, then mixed with straw water or bleng (Sodium Tri-polyphosphate) whose function is to make it thicker) and salt, then stirred until evenly distributed and left for about ten minutes before returning to the rice bowl. steam until cooked.

After that, put it in a container, then mash it until the texture is smooth. This is what is called Gendar and is ready to be cut into certain sizes/according to taste. As a complement, you also need peanut sauce which functions as a sauce or sprinkling to add spicy flavor.

Gendar Pecel is actually not much different from Nasi Pecel, the only difference is that it uses Gendar as a substitute for rice.

Gendar Pecel is a typical Central Javanese food. Javanese people enjoy gendar pecel with crackers, tempeh or tofu that is battered or fried. This food is often found on the side of the road, and the way it is served is usually using pincuk made from banana leaves or oil paper.

Well, making it yourself is not difficult, here is the recipe and how to make it.


Gendar material:

enough rice

Bleng or gendar medicine

Vegetable Ingredients:

Bean sprouts



Turi Flower


Long beans

(Vegetables choose according to taste)

Pecel seasoning ingredients:



Lime leaves

Red onion



Shrimp paste

How to make

Step 1

Steam enough rice until cooked or use rice from magic com. Then cool.

Step 2 How to cook gendar

Dissolve the mixture of bleng and salt in enough water. Just use a little, because if there is too much it tastes bitter. Pour the dissolved bleng into the rice little by little. Stir the mixture until evenly mixed and the rice turns slightly yellowish in color.

Step 3

Prepare a steamer, wait until it boils, steam the gendar rice for approximately 15-20 minutes then remove from heat.

Step 4

Transfer the cooked rice mixture to a container or base and then pound it while it is still hot until it is smooth and dense, cool it so that the texture hardens slightly. Then cut into small pieces or according to taste.

Step 5

Use vegetables as desired. Wash all vegetables that will be used. Boil vegetables until cooked. Remove and drain the vegetables.

Step 7

Prepare the pecel seasoning.

Roast the nuts with a little oil until the color changes. Coarsely crush the nuts, don't make them too fine. Add brown sugar then stir until smooth. Next, heat the oil to fry the chilies, shallots, garlic paste, shrimp paste and lime leaves. Cook until everything is cooked.

Once cooked, puree the chilies and others with the tamarind. Combine the chili sauce and crushed peanuts, stir until evenly mixed. Transfer into a container. If there are any leftovers, store them in the refrigerator. Pecel seasoning can last for about 3 months.

Serve gendar with boiled vegetables and pecel seasoning. Good luck