Complete recipe and steps for making sticky rice gemblong

For lovers of traditional Indonesian food, gemblong sticky rice is one of the most sought after sweet snacks. Its chewy and sweet taste is suitable for all occasions, from holidays to everyday snacks. Here are 2 recipes and steps for making sticky rice gemblong.

A. Materials

• 225 grams of sticky rice flour

• 2 tablespoons rice flour (around 25 gr)

• 2 tablespoons starch, (around 25 gr)

• 200 grams of grated coconut

• 1 tsp salt

• 150-200 ml warm coconut milk or plain water

• 1 tbsp margarine

Icing ingredients

• 75 grams of sugar

• 75 grams of comb brown sugar

• 100 ml water

How to make soft sticky rice gemblong

1. Mix all the flour, salt, grated coconut and margarine well in one container. Pour in the warm coconut milk little by little while kneading until smooth and the dough can be kneaded. Stop adding coconut milk if you feel you have enough.

2. Take a small amount of dough, shape it oval and slightly flat. Do this until the dough runs out.

3. Prepare cooking oil in a frying pan, heat it over medium heat. If the oil feels warm, add the dough that was formed earlier. Fry until brown and cooked. Lift then drain.

4. Icing:

Boil all ingredients until bubbly and thick. Turn off the heat.

5. Add the fried gemblong into the sugar layer while stirring quickly to ensure even distribution. Remove, let rest for a moment, then serve.

B. Ingredients:

- 250 grams of white sticky rice, wash and drain.

- 200 grams of brown sugar, fine comb.

- 100 ml thick coconut milk.

- 1/4 teaspoon salt.

- Pandan leaves (optional) for aroma.


1. Preparing Sticky Rice

Soak the sticky rice in water for at least 2 hours. After that, drain the sticky rice well.

2. Cooking sticky rice

Cook sticky rice with coconut milk and pandan leaves (if using) in a non-stick pan over medium heat. Stir regularly until the coconut milk is absorbed and the sticky rice is cooked.

3. Form the sticky rice dough

Once the sticky rice is cooked and sticky, remove from the stove. Let it cool slightly until you can touch it with your hands. Shape the sticky rice into small, dense balls. This will be the base of your sticky rice gemblong.

4. Make Brown Sugar Syrup

To make brown sugar syrup, heat brown sugar with a little water in a pan until the brown sugar dissolves and becomes syrup. Add a little salt to taste.

5. Coating Gemblong

Dip the sticky rice balls into the brown sugar syrup until the entire surface is covered with syrup. Make sure you do this quickly before the syrup hardens.

6. Present

Place the sticky rice gemblong on a container lined with banana leaves or wrap in banana leaves.

Traditional snacks are ready to be enjoyed with your family and friends. Feel free to adjust this recipe to your own preferences, such as adding sesame seeds or nuts for topping. Good luck and!