Serve Putu Ayu Cakes for Families at Home

Putu ayu is a traditional snack which is still popular among the people today. As the name implies, ayu in Javanese means "beautiful", because in terms of shape, this cake looks beautiful and attractive. Not only does it look beautiful and attractive, putu ayu cake is also often referred to as Putri Ayu cake.

Usually, this cake is served in green and white. The green color of this snack comes from pandan leaves, while the white color comes from grated coconut. This snack is usually used as a side dish at a party or a celebration. Apart from that, it can also be used as an accompaniment when drinking tea served to guests or as a lunch for work or school.

So, for those of you who want to try making it yourself to sell or consume with your family, let's try the recipe first, who knows, it might be suitable.


√ 200 grams of wheat flour

√ 2 whole chicken eggs

√ 150 ml of coconut milk

√ 200 grams of granulated sugar

√ 1 teaspoon SP or ovalet

√ 150 grams of grated coconut, steamed with a little salt

√ 1 pandan leaf, tie a knot

√ 2 drops of pandan paste

How to make

1. Boil coconut milk and pandan leaves until boiling while stirring. Add pandan paste, stir until smooth. After that turn off the fire.

2. Mix the chicken eggs, granulated sugar, and SP. Beat using a mixer at high speed until thick.

3. Reduce mixer speed. Add the flour and coconut milk solution little by little. Stir with a spatula until all mixed.

4. Heat the steamer pot. Don't forget to cover the pan with a clean, dry cloth or napkin first so that water vapor doesn't drip onto the putu ayu mixture.

5. Prepare a mold that has been smeared with oil.

6. Put a little grated coconut into the mold, then pour the mixture until it's full.

7. Steam for about 20 minutes. Once cooked, remove from heat and cool at room temperature.

8. Remove from the mold when it feels cold.

It's easy how to make it. Good luck!