Jamu Jun Traditional Drink That Provides Warmth for the Body

This typical drink from the city of Semarang is different from other herbal medicine which usually has a bitter taste. Jamu Jun actually tastes sweet because it is made from a mixture of spices mixed with Javanese sugar so it doesn't taste bitter. This special drink is made from rice flour, glutinous rice flour, spices and coconut milk, which makes the texture slightly thick.

The way it is served is also different from other herbal medicine, there are small brown balls known as krasikan, which are made from grated coconut, ginger and brown sugar with powdered pepper as a complement. Jamu Jun can be consumed by all groups, including children. When you have a cold or are not feeling well, this herb is really suitable to drink to heal a feverish body.

This traditional drink comes from the northern coastal areas of Central Java, especially from the areas of Semarang, Demak and Jepara. With different names in each area. In Semarang it is commonly referred to as Jamu Jun, while in the Demak and Jepara regions it is known as Jamu Coro. Right now Jamu Jun is hard to find in the Jepara and Demak areas, but you can still find it in the Semarang area.

Jun is Javanese which means pottery in the shape of a barrel with a narrow neck similar to a drinking jug or in Indonesian it is also known as a water jug. The name of this container is the origin of the term "jamu jun" because the characteristic of traditional drinks - which were originally sold around - was placed or stored in this container called jun. Merchants use jun as a container to keep the traditional drink warm. However, nowadays there are junctions made of aluminum which are relatively lighter, stronger and not easily broken.

Jamu is made from a mixture of rice flour with 12 kinds of spices. Among these are cloves, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, peppercorns and cardamom. In fact, this drink is not from the city of Semarang, but from Demak. In the area where this herb originates, it is known as Wedang Coro.

To make Jun's jamu requires a long process, because all the spices must be dried in the sun to dry.

After drying, the spices are roughly ground and then roasted.

The spices are mixed with rice flour and palm sugar. The following is the recipe and how to make Jamu Jun, you can make it yourself at home to drink for yourself or to start a traditional drink business.

Material :

1 liter of water

15 grams of rice flour

15 grams of sticky rice flour

150 grams of brown sugar

1 tsp ground pepper


1/2 tsp of roasted anise

4 roasted cardamom grains

2 pieces of roasted star anise

1 cinnamon stick toasted

A pinch of roasted nutmeg

5 whole roasted black peppercorns

1 stalk lemongrass, crushed

1 segment of ginger, crushed

1 pandan leaf, tie a knot.

Coconut milk sauce ingredients:

200 ml thick coconut milk (can be replaced with fiber creme)

1 pandan leaf

Pinch of salt

Crafted ingredients:

75 grams of glutinous rice flour, roasted

50 grams of coarse grated coconut, roasted

100 ml coconut milk

125 grams of brown sugar, fine comb

1/4 tsp vanilla powder

1/2 tsp salt

1 pandan leaf

How to Make Jamu Jun Typical Semarang

1. Boil water and spices until boiling, then strain.

2. Bring back to a boil the filtered spice cooking water.

3. Mix coconut milk, rice flour and glutinous rice flour, add salt to taste. Transfer the flour to a saucepan, add 2 tablespoons of the filtered spiced water, stir quickly with the spiced cooking water until it dissolves evenly.

4. After the mixture has thickened and cooked, set it aside.

Make it creative:

Boil coconut milk, sugar, vanilla, salt and pandan leaves. After boiling then filtered.

Boil again by adding glutinous rice and grated coconut. Keep stirring until it is cooked, its characteristic is thickened and smooth. After it cools down, cut it into small pieces. Set aside.

Make coconut milk sauce:

Boil the coconut milk, pandan and salt, until it boils and stir constantly so that the coconut milk doesn't break


Pour the Jamu Jun thick mixture into the bottom of the glass until it is 1/2 full. Then add the hot spice sauce. Garnish with lemongrass, cinnamon, pandan leaves and mint leaves. Sprinkle with ground pepper. Serve while still warm.

Be Jamu Jun with a brownish-white appearance and a sweet, warm taste to refresh the body.