Enjoy Delicious And Warm Traditional Cakes From Indonesia

Putu Bambu / Bumbung is a type of traditional Indonesian snack in the form of compacted cylindrical coarse-grained rice flour filled with palm sugar, covered with grated coconut. Make this cake by molding it in a bamboo tube and then steaming it. This cake is sold by traveling traders at sunset until late at night. The distinctive sound of steam coming out of a whistling instrument or a kettle made of large cans is also a promotional tool for merchants selling.

This putu cake is generally served in white and green. Whereas in the Putu Bugis variant (South Sulawesi), it is generally made using black glutinous rice without sugar so that it produces a dark putu cake color that tends to be black. Putu from Bugis is usually served with chili sauce and a sprinkling of grated coconut. This snack is sold in the morning as a practical substitute for breakfast.

Through the Javanese and Bugis diaspora, putu cake was also popularized in other countries by people from Java and Bugis, to Singapore and Malaysia.

If you're curious, you can try it yourself at home with the soft bamboo putu cake recipe below.


20 pieces of suji leaves, puree

3 pandan leaves, finely crushed

250 ml of water

½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon vanilla powder

375 grams of dry rice flour

125 grams of brown sugar, fine comb

Topping ingredients:

150 grams of half old grated coconut

½ teaspoon salt

Steam all ingredients until cooked

How to make:

1. Prepare a container, mix 50 ml of water with finely ground leaves. Squeeze to filter the juice. Set aside.

2. Boil water until boiling, add a sprinkle of salt, suji leaf juice and vanilla. Remove and let warm.

3. Pour the rice flour in a container. Pour the cooking water little by little while stirring until the dough is in the form of fine granules.

4. Strain the mixture using a coarse sieve and rub until fine grains come out.

5. Prepare a putu bamboo mold whose base is lined with banana leaves. Or you can use a 30 ml cup. Pour in about ½ tablespoon of the flour mixture. Make a hole in the middle with your index finger. Fill with a layer of brown sugar. Cover the dough again with rice flour. Flatten and steam.

6. Steam the putu bamboo mixture over high heat for approximately 15 minutes until cooked.

7. Remove and serve while still hot with a sprinkling of grated coconut.

Good luck!