Wedang Jaselang Traditional Beverage Rich in Benefits

Wedang jaselang is a typical drink from the city of Malang, East Java. The name jaselang itself comes from the acronym for the ingredients used to make this drink, namely ginger, secang, and reeds.

Wedang jaselang has existed since ancient times, especially in Java. There is a difference that characterizes wedang jaselang, namely the addition of reeds.

Benefits of Wedang Jaselang:

The main raw materials are sappan and reeds plus ginger, cinnamon, pepper, cardamom. The process of making wedang jaselang is quite easy, just boil it and then filter it. Serve warm. Wedang jaselang is believed to be able to warm the body, maintain stamina, and treat flatulence.


- 1 knuckle rather large ginger thumb

- 3-5 sapphire wood

- 3-5 seeds of reed roots

- 3 Arabic cardamom seeds

- 7 cm cinnamon (can use 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder)

- 1/4 tsp ground pepper / you can also use ground pepper

- 1 small circle of brown sugar

- 350 ml Water

How to make

1. Prepare the ingredients to be used to make Jaselang wedang

2. Thinly slice/grate/geprek ginger

3. Crush the cardamom and peppercorns

4. Cut the reeds and geprek

5. Comb brown sugar until smooth

6. Then prepare a pot on the stove, pour water and put all the ingredients

7. Boil while occasionally stirring until cooked

8. Remove and leave until the wedang jaselang is slightly warm

9. Pour into a glass while filtered. Wedang Jaselang is ready to be enjoyed.

Thank you and I hope this article can be useful.