Sundanese Typical Bajigur Recipe, Warm Wedang from a Blend of Palm Sugar and Coconut Milk

Bajigur is a traditional drink typical of the Sundanese people, West Java, Indonesia. Traditional drink with the main ingredients of palm sugar and coconut milk, but to add to the enjoyment also mixed with a little ginger and salt. Whereas fragrant pandan leaves are usually added to add to the aroma, but se currently more often use artificial vanilla powder. Tubruk coffee, finely ground coffee is also sometimes used as an additional ingredient.

This drink is served hot and sold via mobile carts in villages and residential areas. Vending carts are usually equipped with portable stoves to keep drinks hot. Bajigur is considered suitable for consumption in cool highlands, or on cold and rainy nights to warm yourself up.

This drink is usually served with traditional snacks such as steamed bananas, boiled sweet potatoes or boiled peanuts.

So, instead of being curious, here are the recipes and how to make wedang bajigur that you can practice at home.

Materials needed:

1. 1500 ml of coconut milk from 1 coconut
2. ½ tablespoon of ground coffee
3. 150 grams of brown sugar
4. 100 grams of sugar
5. 200 grams of ginger
6. 3 pandan leaves
7. 2 centimeters cinnamon
8. ½ teaspoon salt

How to make:

1. First slice the brown sugar first then set it aside.

2. Bake the ginger for a few minutes, then mash it roughly and set it aside. This aims to issue a stronger ginger aroma.

3. Prepare a place to boil water, pour water into it and then heat it until it boils.

4. After the water boils, then add the ground ginger, coffee grounds and torn pandan leaves first and then tie a knot so that the aroma can come out.

5. Heat for a while, then add the granulated sugar and brown sugar into the water that was mixed earlier. Stir until the sugar dissolves using medium heat.

6. Next, heat it again until it boils again. Lastly, add the coconut milk to the boiling water. How to enter the coconut milk slowly while stirring so that the coconut milk doesn't break.

7. Heat for a while, turn off the stove. Pour into a filtered glass and serve hot.

Make it easy to make bajigur. Please try at home and hopefully this article can be useful. Thank You.