Recipe for Traditional Klepon Cake Filled with Sweet and Delicious Brown Sugar

Kelepon / klepon outside of Java are known as dumplings. This traditional food is included in the market snack group. Klepon is thought to have come from Java, but is widely known in Indonesian regions such as Sumatra and Sulawesi, the Betawi people, as well as in neighboring countries, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.

This food is made from glutinous rice flour and is generally given a green coloring using pandan leaves or suji leaves. The klepon dough is formed into small balls and filled with brown sugar and then boiled in boiling water. Klepon that has been cooked is generally covered with grated coconut.

This traditional cake is usually served with getuk and cenil (also called cetil) as a snack in the morning. Uniquely, klepon cakes tend to be liked by all ages because of their sweet taste. There is a sensation of brown sugar eruption when the klepon is bitten. Klepon is very easy for us to find in markets or traditional snack sellers on the side of the road.

Klepon cake is not difficult to make, the ingredients are also very simple. So, how do you make a klepon? Check out the simple recipe below.

The following is a recipe for klepon, a traditional Indonesian food.

Klepon Cake Recipe


• 200 grams of white glutinous rice flour

• 25 grams of sago flour

• 1 teaspoon whiting water

• 175 ml of warm coconut milk (1/4 coconut)

• 25 ml of suji water (1 pandan leaf and 10 suji leaves)

• 80 grams of brown sugar (grind it for the filling)

Topping Ingredients:

• 150 grams of coarse grated coconut

• 2 pandan leaves

• 1/4 teaspoon salt

How to make a clamp:

1. Process the coconut sprinkling first, mix all the sprinkling ingredients until smooth then steam over medium heat for 20 minutes until cooked.

2. While waiting for the coconut sprinkles to ripen, we make klepon. The trick is to mix glutinous rice flour, sago flour, and whiting water.

3. Then add the warm coconut milk little by little, then add a little suji leaf water and stir until the dough is smooth.

4. After the dough is smooth, take a little then flatten it. Add powdered brown sugar and roll the dough into a round shape.

5. Boil the dough that has been formed earlier in boiling water. If the dough floats, the cake is ready. Remove the klepon cake and set aside.

6. Roll the cake that is still warm in the coconut sprinkles and the klepon cake is ready to be enjoyed.

Thus the information about traditional Indonesian snacks that we can convey. Don't forget to read other articles. Thank you and I hope this is useful