How to Make Wajik Yang Fluffy Javanese Traditional Cake

Hello, our task friend... This opportunity, we would like to discuss how to make traditional Javanese food, namely sticky rice wajik. Before going into the discussion it would be nice to know in advance about this traditional food. 

Wajik sticky rice is a typical snack and traditional dish typical of Javanese traditional weddings. Wajik are generally made from the basic ingredients of glutinous rice, fresh coconut milk, and brown sugar. This special snack has been around since the time of the Majapahit Kingdom and is included in the classic snacks typical of Central Java and East Java. Wajik has several name terms that vary in each region. The term wajik itself is more famous in Java.

Wajik in Sumatra are known as pulut manis. Wajik that come from glutinous rice are also known as wajik sticky rice. Besides having different terms, wajik also have types. The most famous wajik is the glutinous wajik which is made from glutinous rice. This special snack is also famous in neighboring countries, so it is recognized as a traditional Indonesian cake.

In general, wajik are made from white glutinous rice and brown sugar. However, there are also those who use white sugar with added red or green food coloring.

The secret of sticky sticky rice that is fluffier legit lies in the quality white sticky rice, the grains are whole and not mixed with rice.

Well, if you want to make your own wajik at home, let's follow the recipe and how to make it.

Rice wajik recipe material :

* 500 grams of white sticky rice
* 1 pandan leaf, cut into pieces
* 600 ml of medium coconut milk
* 250 grams of palm sugar, comb
* 3 tbsp granulated sugar
* ½ tsp salt

How to make :

* First wash thoroughly the glutinous rice then drain.
* Soak glutinous rice using cold water for about 2 hours then drain until slightly dry.
* Prepare a steamer that has been filled with water then heat it.
* Next, steam the sticky rice in a hot steamer until half cooked (approximately 30 minutes).
* After that remove the sticky rice and drain for a while.
* Then cook the coconut milk, pandan leaves, granulated sugar, brown sugar and salt until it boils, then remove and strain the coconut milk mixture earlier.
* Next, put the sticky rice into the hot coconut milk, stir gently until the coconut milk is sucked out of the sticky rice.
* Shut up for a while.
* After that, steam the sticky rice again for 30 minutes until soft and remove the wajik mixture when it feels soft.
* Prepare a rectangular tin or container measuring 18 cm. Grease the tin with a little vegetable oil or you can put it on a banana leaf or plastic mat.
* Pour the hot sticky rice into the pan and press the wajik cc dough until it is solid and even then leave it at room temperature until the wajik are cold
* After chilling, cut into wajik-shaped or according to taste.

Just a tips

1. To get fluffier and good glutinous wajik, use quality glutinous rice, the characteristics of which are whole glutinous grains and no rice mixed in.
2. We recommend that glutinous rice is soaked for several hours so that it is fluffier and soft when steamed.
3. To get a natural savory wajik flavor, use fresh coconut milk from grated coconut instead of instant coconut milk.

Make it easy to make your own sticky rice wajik at home. Thank you and I hope this article can be useful.