Gandos Tastes Savory and Delicious and Gives a Nostalgic fFeel to the Taste of Traditional Cakes.

Gandos is a typical traditional snack that can be found on the island of Java. Gandos cake is made from rice flour mixed with coconut milk and salt to taste. Gandos are printed using a special baking sheet and immediately fired.

The influence of the presence of salt makes the dominance of the gandos taste savory. For those who like sweet taste, it is usually enough to ask for a little sprinkling of cane sugar on the surface.

Some Gandos call it kue Rangin or kue pancong. Surabaya people call it rangin, Jakarta people call it kue pancong, Bandung people call it bandros, Bojonegoro people call tratak jaran, and Balinese people call daluman cake.

The shape of this snack is generally a half circle with a thickness of about 2 cm. The inside of the cake is white and the surface is brown. Gandos tastes quite savory and delicious and gives a nostalgic feel to the taste of traditional cakes.

It turns out that making this cake is not difficult, you can even make it yourself or you can sell it.

Here's a gandos cake recipe:

Ingredients :

- 140 gr of rice flour

- 450 ml thick coconut milk

- 250 gr of grated coconut

- 2 pieces of pandan leaves

- 2.5 tsp salt

- 15 gr tapioca flour

- enough cooking oil (for greasing)

How to make :

1. Warm or boil coconut milk briefly in a saucepan, then add pandan leaves and salt.

2. Stir so the coconut milk doesn't break. If it feels lukewarm, turn off the heat, remove the coconut milk and set aside

3. Pour the coconut milk into a bowl, add a little tapioca flour, stir until well blended.

4. After that add the rice flour, stir again until well mixed.

5. Next, add the grated coconut and stir again.

6. Heat the gandos mold using low heat. Grease a gandos pan using oil or butter.

7. Pour the dough in the mold and cover while baking.

8. After the gandos are cooked, remove and serve.

9. For those who like sweet taste can be sprinkled with sugar.

Enjoy gandos or pancong cakes while they are warm.

Thank you and I hope this article can be useful.