Dawet Ireng Ice Recipe from Purworejo, a refreshing drink for hot weather

Dawet Ireng is a type of Ice originating from the Need area, Purworejo, Central Java. The word ireng comes from the Javanese language which means black. The black dawet grains are made from straw ashes mixed with water to produce black water. This water is then used as a dawet dye.

The way of serving Dawet Ireng has its own uniqueness, namely the amount of dawet is far more than the broth (coconut milk plus sugar water). Another unique thing, coconut milk is usually squeezed directly from the coconut fiber package.

The sauce is the same as other cendol, namely from coconut milk sweetened with Javanese sugar and flavored using pandan leaves.

Purworejo ireng dawet ice recipe

Dawet material:

• 500 gr sago

• 1 handful of strawberries or rice stalks

• 1250 ml water

• 500 ml coconut milk

• 1 tsp salt

• Ice cubes as needed

Javanese sugar syrup:

• 250 gr brown sugar

• 125 gr granulated sugar

• 250 ml water

• 2 pandan leaves

How to make Purworejo ireng dawet ice:

1. Make Javanese sugar syrup by boiling all the ingredients until it boils and the sugar dissolves. Filter. Set aside.

2. Mix coconut milk with salt. Set aside. 3. Dissolve the sago flour with 750 milliliters of water until smooth. If necessary, strain using a cloth.

4. Burn the strawberries until they become ashes. Soak with 750 milliliters of water. Stir until black. Strain with cloth.

5. Boil the strawberries solution until it approaches boiling. Before boiling, add the sago mixture. Stir until cooked and becomes like porridge.

6. Prepare a basin filled with cold water with a filter or dawet mold on top. Take the cooked strawberries porridge hot.

7. Place it on the mold, press. Let the straw pulp drain through the small holes of the strainer just above the cold water. Drain well.

8. Take a serving glass, add black dawet, pour in coconut milk and Javanese sugar syrup. Serve.